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Far South Expeditions, Inspiring Wildlife Adventures since 1997Far South Expeditions

Inspiring Wildlife Adventures since 1997


Entering our 18th year operating intimate and inspiring nature, photography, birding and cultural journeys in South America, Patagonia and Antarctica.


Birding Chile - An Easy Tour journey-across-patagonia
Patagonia & Falkland Islands Birding Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego
Pumas of Torres del Paine

Atacama Desert Explorer, 6-day nature trip and photographic tour.
Easter Island: Unveiling the Mysteries and Legacy of "the Navel of the World" © Far South Expeditions Pumas, King Penguins & Humpback Whales


Based in Chile, we specialize since 1997 in offering world-class naturalist expeditions, planning and leading an assortment of programmes focused on natural history & geography, wildlife & landscape photography, birdwatching, culture & history, trekking & hiking and family adventures in Chile, Peru, Argentina, Patagonia & Antarctica.

For 2015/2016 we have prepared a diverse calendar of journeys combining the best our region offers to travellers whose interest lies mainly in the natural world and culture as a part of it. Our itineraries offer the best locations, dates, lodging and the leadership of the most experienced and knowledgeable local guides. Our trips visit such contrasting and beautiful locations, from the Atacama Desert, and the Altiplano in the Northern Andes, to the enigmatic Easter Island in the middle of the Pacific, and south to the impressive fjörds, mountains and glaciers of Patagonia, Torres del Paine and Tierra del Fuego, and the forbidding beauty of Antarctica.

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Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile - Great trips to the 8th Wonder of the World


Profiles in Nature 

Eliot Cohen, Photography Tour Leader


Meet Eliot Cohen, nature photographer extraordinaire and acclaimed tour leader! During the last few years, Eliot has extensively visited Chile, documenting its most dramatic and sublime landscapes: Patagonia and the Atacama Desert. Discover these wild locations through Eliot's words and his invitation for new journeys of discovery and nature photography at its very best. Read more...


Fresh from the Field

Maguari Stork, back in Chile after four decades

Maguari Stork, back in Chile after four decades

Senior naturalist and tour leader Rodrigo Tapia shares aspects of his exciting encounter with an unusual visitor to western South America. Read more...


Featured Lodge

Remota, Patagonia, Chile


Remota is a unique hotel in several ways, starting with its location in Puerto Natales, gateway to Torres del Paine National Park. From its award-winning organic architecture and design concept, to its superb cuisine, it has been created with a sole purpose: to let you enjoy world-class facilities and attention while making you feel you are a part of the patagonian landscape. Read more...

Remota is the perfect base for one of our favorite programs: Patagonia Wildlife Adventures.


Featured Tour

Journey Across Patagonia

Journey Across Patagonia

Patagonia, a land of legends and myths... but also a fascinating region to explore and become a true explorer. On this all-new, small group, nature and photography tour, we will experience the natural riches on Patagonia, along both sides of the Andes. We will discover its highlights including Mt. Fitz Roy, Perito Moreno Glacier, Torres del Paine National Park and a grand finale crusing the Patagonian FjördsRead more...


2015 Catalogue Out!

We have finished work on our catalogue of programmes for this upcoming 2015 season, check our new products, news and resources and see what we have to offer to our customers in South America, Chile and Patagonia.You can check it out online or if you feel more at home with an actual paper catalogue in your hands, you can ask for a printed copy at the following link.


Featured Article

Pelagic Birding in Easter Island

Pelagic Birding in Easter Island - Our New Article by Rodrigo Tapia, Claudio F. Vidal & Enrique Couve

Discover the avian treasures of this enchanting and enigmatic island in the middle of the Pacific. Taking a short boat ride to the nearby islets will open up a whole new way of seeing Easter Island: through its seabirds. Grey and Brown noddies, Great Frigatebird, Masked Booby and up to five Gadfly petrels are just half an hour from the main island, a wonderful way to enhance and make the most out of your journey to this remote island, the 'Navel of the World'. Read more...

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Upcoming Tours 

Scheduled Departures

Journey Across Patagonia: 1-12 Dec 2015

Birding Chile, An Easy Tour: 15-28 Dec 2015


From the Founder's Desk


"If you’re flicking through the pages of this catalogue, chances are you either met us in the 25th Birdfair or have requested for a printed copy through our website, or are maybe browsing through a digital online version of it. Either way, you just might have been toying with the idea of travelling to southern South America, so now that we’ve been introduced, why not visiting us back home and letting us show you why we love this land and nature so much?" Read more...


Wildlife Blog

& Social Networks

Our naturalists and guides are periodically delivering short notes accompanying photographs taken in our tours, to let you have a virtual peek into the wonders that we experience first-hand in the field.

This material, which is shared through our Wildlife Blog into social networks such as Google+Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, is in the format of a brief, easy-to-read “mini-article”, but on the other hand it is intended to be of high quality both visually and in written content, so you can enjoy the photographs while learning a little bit about the natural history of the subject. Check out our Wildlife Blog here.

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